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Welcome to Teton Management Corporation


Teton Management Corporation (wholly owned by Whaling Properties, LLC), is a leading Pittsfield-based real estate development company focused on developing, owning and managing properties in Western Mass and the Capital District of New York. We have over 21 years of experience in residential and commercial property management.

We excel in the acquisition, development, management and ownership of real estate, including the 3rd party business services we provide.  Our commitment to quality is evident in our relationships with our clients, partners and tenants.

The Teton group constantly delivers value to the tenant experience, the partner & associate relationship and asset enhancement!  Our clients and partners have our first class resources and our forward thinking strategies deliver superior results.

"Our reputation is one of integrity, professionalism, ahead-of-the curve marketing and lightning responsiveness.  These attributes make TMC who we are today!  Thank you for visiting our site."

-- George Whaling

Director of Acquisitions
Director of Finance
Office Manager
Asset Manager
Leasing Agent
NY Maintenance Supervisor
Accounting & Acquisitions Analyst
Administrative Assistant
MA Maintenance Technician
NY Maintenance Technician
MA Maintenance Supervisor