The Team

Teton Management Corporation is a rapidly expanding real estate company focused on managing manufactured home communities. Headquartered in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Teton has 20-plus years of experience in residential and commercial property management. In recent years, Teton has added ownership of the manufactured home community asset class to our portfolio. Teton Management constantly delivers value to the tenant experience, focuses on the partner and associate relationship, and prides itself on asset enhancement! Our clients and partners depend upon our first-class resources and our forward-thinking strategies to deliver superior results.

President |

Director of Sales | 

Regional Manager |

Director of Finance |

Director of Acquisitions |

Shelley Kimball

Shelley Kimball

Acquisitions Admin |


Walker Ross-Fudge

Financial Analyst |

Sarah Pero

Home Sales Coordinator |

Yelena Shakhaleva​

Accounting |

Doug Kenyon​

Doug Kenyon​

Marybelle Estates Community Manager

Steven Swahn

Thompsons Manor Community Manager​

Rick Roberts

Richard Roberts

Adirondack Ridge Community Manage

Dan Cimini

Allendale Pines & Country Acres Community Manager

Chris Mosher

White Pines Community Manager

Remy Whaling

Resident Relations Supervisor

Tilly Whaling

Resident Relations Assistant-in-Training